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12 September 2014 @ 11:02 am
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Panic: Actually not too bad, all things considered.

Bring it on!
02 September 2014 @ 10:34 am
So, dear daughter has announced that she would like the entire cast of Frozen as dolls for Christmas.

Well, that's not too bad, except for the fact that Elsa dolls are like rocking horse poo at the moment. Every single shop is sold out of them.


Amazon to the rescue!

I now have an Elsa and an Anna nestled away in my bedroom cupboard waiting for express delivery to Santa. Hooray for Amazon. I've delegated Kristoff, Olaf and Sven to various aunties and uncles so in theory she will have them all for Christmas :D (Let's just hope we can avoid a repeat of last year where she broke down and cried because she had too many toys and not enough hands.)

Now all I have to do is think of something for the second little monster and Christmas will be a piece of cake.
21 August 2014 @ 08:39 pm
So signups are going on over at sshg_giftfest. I have signed up to provide fic, as usual, since my art is limited to stick figures. To make it easier on whoever is unfortunate enough to get an awkward Annie like me, here are some likes/dislikes. Hopefully that should make it easier - or more difficult, for which I apologise!

So, whoever gets me, if you look at this - here are some more detailed rambles, but don't be restricted to whatever I've prompted below, let your muse guide you!


For art, I'm happy with any medium, even manips if you can sell me on it ;)  I'm not fond when a picture is too dark, mostly because my eyesight isn't 20/20. I also don't like things to be too graphic. Apart from that, I'm quite easy going. I enjoy seeing different interpretations of robes, actually, and Regency style, and pretty clothes. I don't want Hermione or Severus to be too beautiful, they are who they are. I like Crookshanks or other familiars to make an appearance, this goes for fics too ;) Mostly I want to be made to feel, to be in the moment with them, whether it's funny, fluffy, sad, romantic, dramatic, etc.

I'm going to recycle some prompts from various fests here for suggestions as well as adding new ones. Some of these could be craft and/or art:

- A stained glass window
- Gryffindor Severus and Slytherin Hermione
- Severus is unimpressed when Hermione takes him to McDonald's.
- Snape watches a sleeping Hermione
- Their Animagus forms
- What do their bookmarks look like?
- Severus and Hermione's chocolate frog card
- A family Christmas (kids or no kids)
- The bow/salute before the duel begins
- What does their potions lab look like?

Don't be limited to the above, go with whatever you feel like!


Most of my squicks, in fact I think all my major ones, were covered in my original sign up post.  Things I don't enjoy or that are triggers include noncon, dubcon, chan, underage Hermione (or Snape!), mpreg, gore, things being bloody for the sake of being bloody (I'm okay if it's done for a story reason), extreme sex - a bit of kink can be fun however! I don't like character bashing but I'm okay with characters being flawed. I'm not fond of time turner/travel fics but I break my own rules all the time so you never know!

What I love could fill an entire journal, so I'll settle for listing a few: I'm a huge mythology buff so myth adaptations rock. Greek and Norse mythology are my favourites with Celtic and Egyptian close behind. I'm Welsh so obviously anything Welsh makes me happy. I do love Welsh folklore. I adore music and stories inspired by songs (or songfics), music is huge in my life. I like unusual hobbies or careers, familiars, magic geekery, stories that show the magical world outside Hogwarts/Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley  I like witty banter and snark, Severus is not a nice person after all!

Prompts (again, some re-used)

- A crossword puzzle leads to adventure
- Severus and Hermione share an unusual hobby.
- Hermione and Severus are penpals.
- After his recovery, Severus finds that his legilimency is stuck on, and he can always hear what people around him are thinking. Ever the Slytherin, he uses it to his advantage when he discovers the feelings of one Hermione Granger.
- Severus makes Hermione an offer she can't refuse. He has ulterior motives - she is completely oblivious.
- Lucius boasts to Severus that he can teach any Muggleborn to pass in Pureblood high society. Severus challenges him to take on the forthright Miss Hermione Granger.
- "I never should have let them dance."
- The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
- The only person who can help is Hermione Granger. Frankly, Severus would rather suffer.
- Severus is a globetrotting treasure hunter for Gringotts.  Hermione is the Ministry representative dragged along on his latest escapade.  Think Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter.
31 July 2014 @ 07:13 am
Hooray, I can finally squee over the authors as well as the fics!

The promptfest reveal has gone up and now I can thank celestialbeing1 and delphipsmith for taking two of my prompts and doing an amazing, amazing job with them.

Go and read if you haven't already!

Live Like A Muggle
The Heart the Adder Gave Him

I wrote The Rose of Carterhaugh which means this has been a painfully long fest while I waited to be able to reply to people, on the plus side since mine was posted up on Day 1 I had an uninterrupted string of lovely new fics/art/crafts to admire for the whole of July :)

Time to debate entering the giftfest now... hmm...
26 July 2014 @ 07:14 pm

 photo sshgbanner1copy_zps9a50557d.jpg

Sign Ups begin Aug 20 at sshg_giftfest

For when two Promptfests a year aren't enough :)
20 July 2014 @ 10:14 am

After about two months, I have a computer again! I've been following the Promptfest off my phone which makes commenting nigh on impossible. Time to go catch up on reviewing!
21 April 2014 @ 09:47 pm
-sad face-

I just finished sorting through my wee man's baby clothes to give away (one of the ladies in work is expecting a little boy, how exciting!) and it has left me feeling very sad. How quickly they grow up! It seems like only yesterday he was a newborn, and now he is eighteen months old, hitting the Terrible Twos (or at least the Terrible Tantrums) and growing like a weed (tall and skinny, anyway). Soon he will be 18 years, not months, and a whole new world of worries will open up before me.

Time for tea, I think :'(
08 April 2014 @ 07:32 pm

I got the prompt I wanted and it is coming together amazingly well.  I'm halfway through and hoping to finish it in time to get another shot at the prompt claiming - my second choice is also forming itself in my head!

Life is busy.  We moved offices in work and I have learned a valuable lesson, such as if you're a call centre, make sure the building you move to has phone lines. Everyone's been working off mobiles for nearly a fortnight.  Off mobiles and out of boxes, fun fun. I think if they decide to do this again I may just take a month off sick because it would be easier!

Tomorrow I have to go to the doctor and try and convince them to refer me to a therapist. I'm not looking forward to it because around here the general attitude with depression and other mental illnesses is to stick you on tablets, but I've been on tablets for 10 years and I am not getting anywhere. Mind you, it's taken me a while to convince myself to go for it so I can't blame the doctor for being reluctant when I am! Time to find that Gryffindor bravery, which is extremely difficult, since I'm a Hufflepuff at heart...

I have also started to learn how to code using LPC, which is awesome.

Right - back to Word.  Good luck and have fun to everyone else in the fest - may the Muses be with you!  xx
06 March 2014 @ 07:29 am

SSHG Prompt Fest

I've got my prompts all ready. Have you?
18 January 2014 @ 09:42 am
Someone took my prompt!

Go and read, it is a lovely story, I 'aww'ed all the way through :D
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